Together, We Will Have a Voice in Our Workplace

Graduate students at Emory and across the country are now legally recognized as employees. It should come as no surprise to all of us who work and study here; we know the essential duties we perform as teaching and research assistants. For decades, graduate student-employees at public universities have exercised collective bargaining rights, and have won significant improvements in their pay and benefits as a result.

We deserve a living wage, better benefits, and a voice in our working conditions. Instead, our stipends have failed to keep pace with the rising cost of living in Atlanta, the administration has chipped away at our health insurance, and we still do not have a binding employment agreement. We have the right to form a union and bargain as equals with the administration for a contract that improves our lives and strengthens Emory as a whole.

Hugo and Manuela, Ph.D. Students, French

Marlo Starr, Ph.D. Student, English

Sarah Trebat-Leder, Ph.D. Student, Mathematics

Jonathan Basile, Ph.D. Student, Comp Lit

Molly Slavin, Ph.D. Student, English

Matías Bascuñán, Ph.D. Student, Comp Lit

Lily and Federica, Ph.D. Students, French and Comp LIt

Anaïs Fern, Ph.D. Student, Psychology

Yeongju Lee, Ph.D. Student, Hispanic Studies

Tiara Jackson, Ph.D. Student, Comp Lit

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Petition to Extend Grad Funding

Our research has been disrupted in countless ways by COVID-19. Emory and Laney need to give all grad workers an extra year of funding.