COVID Petition and Demands

EmoryUnite! calls on Emory to provide support to all campus workers, including subcontracted foodservice workers (who are currently furloughed without pay or benefits), throughout the pandemic. We call on Laney to provide grad workers with the following:

  1. A one-year extension of funding and healthcare benefits for all currently-enrolled Laney graduate workers (including those beyond their fifth year). 
  2. The elimination and reimbursement of continuation fees.
  3. Expanded support for Emory’s international workers both locally and abroad, including free legal support, visa extensions, the elimination of any prohibitive fees, and the option for students to remain abroad until they deem it safe to travel. 
  4. Guaranteed paid time off and sick leave for all campus workers (including Laney grads).
  5. Guaranteed coverage for any costs (including co-pays and deductibles) related to testing or treating coronavirus. 
  6. Free campus parking while social distancing measures are in place.  
  7. A standardized policy for all Emory workers that clarifies what constitutes essential work that includes the option to work remotely without penalty.

Sign our petition to support these demands!