What is EmoryUnite?

EmoryUnite! formed in 2016, following the National Labor Relations Board’s ruling that graduate students qualify as university employees and therefore have a right to unionize. Though our initial aim was to hold a vote for union recognition at Emory, Trump's election and Emory's unfortunate decision to hire a union-busting law firm mean that this is no longer a path that will lead workplace improvements. Rather than using its $6.4 billion in resources to support its graduate students, Emory's administration is paying Proskauer Rose, a notorious anti-union law firm, $1400/hour to subvert the democratic unionization process.


We still feel that our compensation, benefits, and workplace conditions  can be improved by organizing the graduate workers at Emory. To that end, we are forming a voluntary membership union that will advocate for graduate workers and build community among us. We plan to address through issues-based advocacy the concerns that could have been negotiated in a contract, such as better pay, improved health care, a child care subsidy, and a grievance procedure for cases of discrimination and sexual harassment. To learn more about our current campaign to end the August-September pay gap, click here.

Want to Learn More or Get Involved?

Email the organizing committee, come to a meeting, or read about the concerns of Emory's graduate students that the union will address.