What is EGOC?

The Emory Graduate Organizing Committee came together in 2016, following the National Labor Relations Board’s ruling that graduate students qualify as university employees and therefore have a right to unionize, with the aim of forming a graduate student labor union at Emory University. We feel that the compensation, benefits, and workplace conditions for graduate students would be improved if we had collective bargaining rights. Our immediate objective is to obtain enough authorization card signatures to hold a vote to unionize, and to win a majority vote in that election.


We hope to include all eligible graduate students at Emory (all of Laney Graduate School) in our bargaining unit, so that we can work for objectives like more extensive health insurance coverage, larger stipends with cost of living increases, and greater job security. By standing together, we can address the issues that affect all of us, while also meeting the needs of students in individual departments and other groups of students with common interests.

Want to Learn More or Get Involved?

Email the organizing committee, come to a meeting, or read about the concerns of Emory's graduate students that the union will address.