Member Sign-Up Instructions

EmoryUnite! needs your support to continue to win improvements to our working conditions and to secure the gains we've already made. Together we can make our workplace accessible and emotionally and financially sustainable for all Laney workers!

After you Follow this link, take these steps:

On the first screen, enter a valid email address for yourself and create a password (this will create a PledgeUp account for you, but not yet an EmoryUnite! membership)

----Second Screen----

On the next screen, enter your name and email address (this can be your emory email or any other address). All other information is optional (if you select a worksite, choose “Emory University at Emory University”)

-----Third Screen-----

The next screen asks you to set up a monthly dues payment. The dues you’ll be contributing are absolutely essential for us to create a stable, long-term organization that can continue to win improvements for graduate students and ensure that the university does not take them away again. We will also be building a presence on campus toward holding a union vote when that is a possibility. Your membership dues are set at $6/month, of which we keep $5 and SEIU gets $1 (which is much less than the amount of support they regularly give us). In addition to supporting our work, you will be an integral part of shaping our future campaigns and the issues on which we focus. All members will have voting rights in elections to determine the focus of our activism.

The second field gives you the option of making a contribution to the Voluntary Political Action Committee (COPE). Because of laws designed by anti-labor politicians to hurt unions and lessen their political influence, SEIU cannot use any of its dues money on political advocacy. The COPE fund exists as an optional way for members to contribute to SEIU’s political work. In the past, they've used these funds to do things like protesting the grad tuition waiver tax (they even flew one of our members to DC to participate in a sit-in at Paul Ryan’s office), supporting local pro-labor politicians, and advocating for a $15 minimum wage. As the name suggests, the COPE payment is entirely optional - you can leave these fields blank.

Payment information: You can sign up with your credit/debit card number or a bank account number. We get slightly less of the money if you use a credit/debit card (about 2% less) because the bank processing the payment charges a fee. So if you can sign up with a bank account number that's better, but it’s not a huge difference.

Let us know if you have any questions!