Share Your Story!

Emory charges us significantly higher student fees than most other graduate schools charge their students. But we should think critically about why this practice exists at all; it is unusual for employees to have to pay their employer in order to work for them. We shouldn't let the widespread acceptance of a practice become its justification. In fact, the only reason this practice exists is so that our schools can arbitrarily place a higher number in our offer letters without, y'know, actually paying us more.

EmoryUnite! is calling on Laney's administration to eliminate our student fees, without reducing the funding provided to the LGSC and distributed among student groups. The lowest paid graduate workers ($24,000/year) receive less than a living wage (~$26,187) even before they have to pay student fees.

We hope you'll take a moment to share a story with us of difficulties you've faced succeeding as an academic or merely surviving on your stipend or what you would be able to do with the extra ~$1,000/year. Let us know if you are comfortable with your story being shared (anonymously or with attribution) and consider sending a picture or video along too.