Email Emory Admin to #StopTheGap!

Although orientation and classes start in mid-August, new graduate student-workers don't receive their first paycheck until the last business day in September. In addition to moving expenses, two months of rent, the cost of textbooks, and any other living expenses, Emory requires them to make their first student fees payment when they arrive in August. This practice effectively precludes many students without independent financial support from attending our institution or, in many cases, requires them to take out thousands in debt.

Use the form below to send a message about ending the Pay Gap to the following Emory administrators:

LGS Dean Lisa Tedesco (
Provost Dwight McBride (
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Senior Associate Dean Cathryn Johnson (
President Claire Sterk (

Here's a sample message, but you should compose your own! Tell them about the difficulties you faced getting through the Pay Gap period, or tell them why you think Emory needs to end this indefensible policy!

Dear Dean Tedesco, Provost McBride, Dean Horton, Dean Johnson, and President Sterk,

I am writing in support of ending the Pay Gap for Laney graduate student-workers. As a result of this policy, many new graduate students have to go into debt just to begin studying and working at Emory. Considering the portion of our health care we pay for ourselves, our lack of a child care subsidy, and expenses such as student fees, the net effect is that graduate education at Emory is inaccessible to those without independent financial support. New students should receive a full month's pay when they arrive in August, as stipend and moving expenses. Emory should make higher education affordable, accessible, and sustainable for all students!